System Types

There are various types of fire alarm system available for setection and the most suitable should be choosen for your application. In this section we will run through the most common types of system and give some guidance on suitable applications.


Conventional Systems

These are basic systems where status information is limited to an area or "Zone". This type of system is generally used in smaller installations.


Two Wire Systems

These systems are similar in application to the Conventional systems although generally the cable requirement is reduced, some products available

also offer extra functionality and improved status information.


Addressable Systems

As their name suggestes "Addressable" systems

allow for each device connected to the system to be given a unique "Address". This allows for accurate idetinfication and location of device conditions. These systems are generally used in larger installations however with reducing equipment costs they are also becoming more common in smaller installations as well.


Wireless Systems

Traditionally, fire detection systems in industrial and commercial applications have used hard wired installations. These systems are generally installed at the time of construction or refurbishment, making the laying of cables less of an issue. Certain applications do not lend themselves to this approach, such as occupied buildings, heritage sites etc. - this is where wireless systems provide the solution.



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